jailbreak iWatch OS 2

Now we are going to jailbreak iWatch OS easily. We were having some method for compatible with v1.0 and 1.0.2. Other than is we cannot recognize tool for jailbreak iWacth OS 2 Before the all you can sturdy about apple watch from releasing.  Apple creates this iwatch to make easy woks with iPhone. And they become that goal with newest watch OS 2. Because you can use your iPhones works without iPhone touching and they made newest apple watch OS mainly compatible with this device. This Watch is makes easy this business successfully. You can do anything in iPhone without iPhone. Read messages, make voice calls, check notifications and many other things you can do with apple watch. Respond to your notification in instant. Control iPhone with your voice. You can do your daily activities more easily on your wrist. Apple Company is changing with humans likes in all ways. They know bout, peoples are different and their likes are different more than. So they designed iwatch for compatible and know how to complete deferent humans likes also. They designed every things is with different. Here we are put the increases with apple watch.

iOS 9.1 cydia install

jailbreak iWatch os 2
jailbreak iWatch os 2
  • Respond to notifications instant.
  • Control your iPhone with voice.
  • Get directions to start the workout.
  • The safety and easy way to privet purchases.
  • Make remind your daily activities.
  • Make this like health indicator.
  • Choose your watch style and face on your mind.

How to jailbreak iWatch OS 2

Apple watch was released with v1.0, and after they released v1.0.2. Before the few das they released watch OS 2 and this is the currently latest version. If you want to jailbreak iWatch you can use this method. Other than is this method is compatible only with v 1.0.2 and 1.0. Anyone developer is not released tool for jailbreak latest apple watch OS. Some hacker was hacked apple watch OS. His name is Stave ST. this jailbreak method is success and trusted. Because still this moment a lot of iwatch users are used this method to jailbreak apple watch. After this, process you can change your web browser and a lot of things in apple watch. Other than are we can expect Stave ST about jailbreak watch OS 2. Because any jailbreak developer is not said anything about. So some time they create tool compatible with watch OS 2 also. See this YouTube video and follow this.

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Apple watch OS 2 was released

You know very well about apple’s watch. This watch is working with connecting with your iPhone, and you can make easy your iPhone use with apple watch. Apple watch’s first OS is watch OS 1, following then Apple Company released next watch OS for apple watch, it is watch OS 1.0.1. after the released watch OS 1.0.1 released jailbreak watch OS tool from Steve TS. It was successfully for jailbreak iwatch OS easily. Because Steve ST hacked successfully apple watch OS. You can download iwatch OS jailbreak tool HERE direct download links.

Download watch os 2

Apple watch OS 2
Apple watch OS 2

iWatch OS 2

iwatch OS 2 is released from apple. This is the latest version currently. You can follow our how to update watch OS 2 tutorial.

  • If you haven’t update iOS 9 to your device, Please download and install ios 9 first
  • Before the update watch OS conform your battery level is still full.
  • Connect your iPhone is strongest and make sure about your connection still iwatch OS updating.
  • Place your iPhone and iwatch in small distance and do not move any device in watch OS updating period.
  • Select my watch app on your iPhone’s home screen and my watch> general> software update.
  • Enter your iwatch code and click agrees.
  • Download and install it on your apple watch.

You can follow this small and simple step and download latest watch OS on your apple watch directly. But at this time any one is not released watch OS 2 jailbreak tool. So you cannot jailbreak iWatch OS 2 at this moment. Because apple watch OS 2 released before last days. So sometimes iwatch OS 2 jailbreak tool is will be release in few days later. You can stay with us and we put the iwatch OS 2 jailbreak tool here later the released it.

Stay with us for jailbreak watch OS 2

You can enjoy with newest watch OS 2, because this OS is with a lots of new options and improvements now. watch OS2 builds the knowledge of by Apple Watch apps wealthier and extra appealing. Apps load quicker, do extra, and utilize hardware skin texture that construct Apple Watch exclusive. Apple Watch provides you radical new habits to keep in feel, express physically, and sprint your time. watch OS 2 get deeper those potential, so you have connections that are recognizable, but through even extra choices.