iOS 9.2.1 iFunbox software releasing

The latest iOS beta version is iOS 9.2.1 beta. So we can think something with this beta version releasing. Because apple developers are releasing beta version before the release iOS public version. They will release iOS 9.2.1 public version soon. After the release this version you have to update your all of supporting software to apple device. That is important for you device compatibility and iOS workings. All software developers are going to update their software tools for compatible with new generation. We can say directly ifunbox developers are ready to release their new software update. That is iOS 9.2.1 iFunbox update. If you used before this software we nothing has to say anything about this to you.  But we ca explain to new ifunbox users about this software tool.

iOS 9.2.1 iFunbox
iOS 9.2.1 iFunbox

About newly releasing iOS 9.2.1 ifunbox software

Ifunbox is simple and amazing software for all apple devices. You can manage your device very well with ifunbox software. You can connect your apple device with your PC as USB device. In the USB device you can arrange all of things in short time. But you cannot do that in iTunes. You must have to follow that long steps for do some small things. Download ifunbox software now. You can see the difference among iTunes and ifunbox. Other than is they will release iOS 9.2.1 ifunbox software in soon. They will release newest update with more performance.

How to download iOS 9.2.1 ifunbox update?

At this moment you cannot download iOS 9.2.1 ifunbox software. For reason that they were not released yet latest update for community. After the released this update we can present to you that. Stay with us for download ifunbox latest update. Other than are we can guide you for install ifunbox software on your PC. We are always present to you the best thing among the software setups. Our download links are not with malware or any other bad things. So don’t afraid for use us. If you want to stay connect with us you can follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.

Ifunbox download latest version

Developers are released ifunbox latest software tool for all of apple devices compatible. So now you can use our download links for install this software. This version is released for latest iOS 9. Developers are updated this software for work well with newest apple devices and including devices. A lot of apple users are downloaded this tool for their own use. ifunbox download is very useful for you. Why did we say that this is most suitable alternative for iTunes. This is easy way to complete your doings before you used iTunes. Import or export file with just one click. All apple consumers are know about iTunes very well. After the ifunbox download you can delete on you’re mined about iTunes software. Every ifunbox users are feeling good with this software. Because, ifubox is helped to them complete their own works with no any error. You can be became a ifunbox user via us.

Download ifubox software tool

ifunbox download
ifunbox download

You can see this features after the ifunbox download

  • iFunbox software is identify your device like USB flash drive. So you can imagine how easy to explore your device with ifunbox software tool.
  • Backup your own details using this software under the superb carefully. This is will be became a useful before the jailbreak your device.
  • Install free iOS applications using IPA package with no any problem. This is free apps install method without jailbreak your device.
  • Import; export all of file models quick.
  • Transform your apple device like USB flash drive.
  • Explore every ware in your device and change native file systems on your mind.
  • Make file category in your device for easy find.

Ifunbox download steps

You have to follow few easy steps for install this software. Read steps carefully.

  1. Download ifunbox file using direct links.
  2. You can see the exe file in download file.
  3. Lunch that exe file.
  4. Now installing is starting.
  5. Wait few seconds for complete ifunbox installing.
  6. After the install connect your device with PC.
  7. Following that you can continue your doings with installed ifunbox software.

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iOS 9.1 ifunbox download for iPhone, iPad or iPod

iFunbox is app manager for all iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.  You can use this software tool for arrange your device on your mind. Because, this is most success full and practical. This is a correct alternative for iTunes. This software is completely like iTunes. But you can do your job with easily with ifunbox than iTunes. ifunbox tool was connecting your device like USB drive. So you can export import your music, video, camera captures and many other data with no trouble. If you used before USB drive, so you know about how easily to doing your works in flash drive. You can do anything like that with your apple device after the ifunbox download. You can export any large data to your device in just one click. So you can now download ifunbox tool below direct links.

Download ifunbox for iOS 9.1 free

iOS 9.1 ifunbox
iOS 9.1 ifunbox

Now you can update iOS 9.1 ifunbox to PC

ifunbox latest update released for newest iOS firmware version. Apple newly released iOS 9.1 beta version for developers. Some peoples are updating their device with newest iOS 9. So we can present to you iOS 9.1. Because ifunbox developers are build up more this tool with latest releasing. Now available ifunbox most modern description for download. After the download this software you can delete on your mind about iTunes. Because ifunbox tool was complete all things in iTunes store.

  • Total organize of iPhone/iPad File System – arrange your data inside apple device like windows OS organizing. Now you can use itools iOS 9.1 version also for newest iOS updated users.
  • iPhone/iPad File Manager – you can do navigation, upload, download, quick review, drag & drop, delete, rename and move.
  • One-stop App Install and Backup – install apps and backup all apps to .ipa package for uninstall, share and reinstall quick and easily.
  • iOS App executive – backup installed apps to .ipad and quick review.
  • Hi-Speed General Point Storage– you can use apple devicre like USB flash drive using its superior flash memory.  You can transport data in 5mbs with iPhone and 15mbs with iPad.
  • iPhone/iPad Portable Disk – Real-time progress indicator, high speed data transmission, scheduled data transferring  and recursive copy Subfolders
  • Access App sandbox with no Jailbreak – Contacting App sandbox is very helpful for backup/giving out saved games, app settings. You can as well upload video to a 3rd-party player like “OPlayer HD” in its place of via iPod, and download credentials you shaped in an App like “Numbers”.
  • Play with all consumer applications – Without jail breaking,Backup/sharing data producing by Apps, Upload PDF, Word Doc, videos and additional archive for presentation/playback.
  • Wallpaper Function – Thumbnail previewing assists a set for wallpaper organization. It is also incorporated in all additional folders counting camera folder. Now it is easier to selectively rub out photos in the camera and put back reserve images.
  • Upload Wallpaper in group – Picture thumbnail foretaste,batch uploading and switch, modify Image Resolution, High excellence picture Resizing
  • Export Music and Movie on iPhone/iPod – Send overseas Apple iTunes managed audio and video in iPhone, iPad or iPods to computer as a backing copy or burn to CD. Scan and inhabit tune and movie archive in iPhone and iPod still when iTunes is declining to join.
  • Backup iPod Music & Movie- Tunes controlled media records, get well Songs and movie, copy as of iPad/iPhone, duplicate to PC with welcoming heading.

More about iOS 9.1 ifunbox

Now you studied some more about ifunbox tool. Other than is we released iOS 9 ifunbox. You can download this software and do make enjoy with your apple device. You have to download iOS 9.1 ifunbox tool and do some small steps only.

iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox for iPhone, iPod and iPad

ifunbox was included in 2008. This is most suitable managing software for all of iPhones, iPads, iPods and any apple devices. You can connect your device with PC like portable USB device. Other than is after the connecting, you can import export and copy move all of photos, videos and many more data on your idevice with no effort. We can say about iFunbox software, after the connecting your device with PC you can explore your device like working windows OS system. That is so easy. You can download ifunbox file using our direct download links and you can follow step by step guide for know about how to install iFunbox on PC. Before the few days apple released its latest iOS update. It is created by apple devalopers with a lot of the new improvements. If you having to updated iOS 9.0.2 device, you can use ifunbox without effort. Because last week ifunbox developers released iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox tool for iOS 9 users, they said iOS 9 sires is maintaining superb condition than iOS 8 sires. So we must want to update our ifunbox software tool compatible with modern iOS versions and now we released our newest iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox update to all of iOS 9 users.

Download latest iFunbox for iOS 9.0.2

latest iFunbox for Mac OS

iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox
iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox

Facts of modern iOS 9.0.2 ifunbox

  • Navigation, Upload and Download
  • Quick Preview, Drag&Drop
  • Delete, Rename and Move
  • Asian / Long Filename Support
  1. Explore your apple device with ifunbox software with enjoying. You can manage your files in device like windows file management. Because you can make easy you’re doing with ifunbox.
  2. Install the iOS applications with safety using .ipa packages. You don’t have to jailbreak your device for install purchased apps on apple device. And you can install, uninstall, backup and do many more thing with ifunbox download.
  3. If you want to superb flash drive in suddenly, you can use your apple device like portable flash drive with iFunbox. Because this software is supporting to iOS 9.0.2 very well. Abuse your device’s great flash memory and you can transfer files in 5 mbs with iPhone and 15 mbs with iPad successfully.
  4. You can see the thumbnails with a lot of photos management. It integrates all file folders and camera photo folder also. Now very easy to move of doing anything with viewing thumbnails.
  5. Export any video music or picture in iTunes managed to backup or burn to CD directly using ifunbox easily.

How to download ifunbox for iOS 9.0.2

You can download now ifunbox full version supported with newest iOS 9.0.2 using download locations. Follow video guide and install ifunbox on your PC and this is will be helpful to you enjoy your apple device.

Download iOS 9 ifunbox modern version

iOS 9 ifunbox update is just released now. You can use this ifunbox tool for manage the idevices very simply and easily. Before the install this tool your computer identify your device like an USB drive. So you can copy and move your iPhone’s data with your PC fast and directly like USB pen drive. This tool is support you use your apple devices working at computer. And other thing is you can install iOS 9 iFunbox tool with few small steps. This iOS 9 ifunbox tool is supports all of iOS versions released from apple. You can see our direct download lines billow. Download ifunbox and follow our step by step guide.

Download ios 9 ifunbox for windows

Download ifunbox for Mac OS

ios 9 ifunbox
ios 9 ifunbox

You can control your idevice like a USB drive using iOS 9 ifunbox tools

Finally, you can direct download ifunbox iOS 9 suitable with windows and Mac OS scheme. Then boost more options with iOS 9 itools install. iOS 9 ifunbox tool, at this time manage your iPhone’s data with your interest. ifunbox iOS 9 download to move the picture from the iPhone to PC. iOS 9 ifunbox now download available with direct download links.

iOS 9 iFunbox compatible with iOS devices.

  • ifunbox iPhone 6
  • ifunbox iPhone 6 plus
  • ifunbox iPhone 5C
  • ifunbox iPhone 5S
  • ifunbox iPhone 4
  • ifunbox iPhone 4S
  • ifunbox iPad 2
  • ifunbox iPad 3
  • ifunbox iPad 4
  • ifunbox iPad mini
  • ifunbox iPad air
  • ifunbox iPod touch 5g

How to move or transfer picture using ios 9 ifunbox

You identify that iFunbox tool is the totally file director tool for apple devices. You can with no trouble move or copy every one photos as of your idevice via official iFunbox ios 9 tool. ifunbox download permits to adjust pictures in idevice. You can take away your pictures as of your apple device directly via ios 9 ifunbox. at the present we can observe the steps guide for how to use ifunbox and How to download iFunbox latest version.

  • Run iOS 9 iFun box tool
  • Go to the camera photos location
  • Select all of photos you want
  • Right click on photos and select copy to PC
  • And now iFunbox is transfer the selected all of photos to your PC.