iOS 10.2 / 10.2.1 / 10.2.2 ifunbox 2017 download free

iFunBox 2017 download for Apple iPhone and other mobile phones manufacturing developers, universal file management software. IPhone Browsing and administration of the same Windows Explorer window, iPads in Apple, idevices canister of all types of the files and directories on the iPod touchs, each other’s resources be shared, not just between allowed to upload movie You, Music’s, books, photos and desktop app. Portable files, if you know how to drive a U-turn into your iPhone 7, you need to support iTunes. More recently, the official Chinese version of the green basic download iFunBox 2017, no installation system ,,, iOS 10.2 (iPhone 7 and over) for full support of how to implement.

Download 2017 iFunbox

iFunbox 2017 download
iFunbox 2017 download

New facts in 2017 latest released ifunbox file transfer software

  • Chinese version update for iFunBox 2017 iPhone 2.1.2228.731 update log:
  • Supporting document connected by WiFi / Appl Apple management idevice.
  • ifunbox iOS 10.2 connector, quick launch taskbar, quick paste.
  • Security enhancements and connectivity will fail.
  • Support iPhone 7 and iPad Mini, locomotive transport optimization.

2017 iFunBox mainly it pretty hard to let that secret to anyone without the right to use instead of the file system folder in the plan. In addition, it is the shortcut i-FunBox iOS 10.2 update an often such folders as ring tones and other applications, visit different parts of the file system. For example: Instead of ringing bells ring icon on the left side of the library right column; Video apps in any container you want more than the video in addition to the apps folder located in the sidebar trouble “file sharing” in.

Here is iOS 10.2 / 10.2.1 / 10.2.3 iTools download for all iPhone 7 / 7+

  • Move Musics iphone 7 / 7+ to start the computer, iPod apple ipad device usually pseudo-up.
  • iphone 7 and allies in order to travel, usually logs a text message to workshops.
  • Usually your eBooks iphone ipad your transport eBooks.
  • Add Ringtones current foreign pseudo-up on your iphone 7 or 7 and Apple device.
  • Does your workplace personality weight group ibook / eBooks in to.
  • Sharp iphone applications Musics, Photos, Video eBooks usually Shop.

2017 iTools download

IOS 10.2 iTools policy advice, know how with no problem – just what is your process 10.2, iOS, although additional unquestioned, iBooks, movies, ringtones monitored regularly. Owners, and uninstall your app to bring the support of this great tool. As well as the comfort of the holder notwithstanding any of the reconstruction of your letters. Notwithstanding the download window similar to iPod or iPhone 7 7 system you run your report, iOS 10.2 iTools help plus the latest portrayal.

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