How to unlock iCloud lock via DNS bypassing

iCloud is very important for apple users. Because they can store their personal or other documents, photos, music and many other data. Apple developers are made iCloud server for make superb service for their consumers. Any apple person can be uploading their data and store carefully with good security. Because any one cannot unlock iCloud lock without user’s apple ID. So we can think our data is carefully with iCloud. Peoples are paying more money and choose apple device among the other devices. This is the secret of apple device’s popularity. All apple users have some space in iCloud server. If you don’t happy with your iCloud space you can make large your space after the paying money.

Download iCloud DNS bypass tool free

Unlock iCloud lock
Unlock iCloud lock

Why did you unlock iCloud lock on your device?

Sometimes peoples are forgetting their apple ID and password. At that moment you have to bypass iCloud lock. Therefore continue your device forward. Without apple ID and password you cannot start your device. Because apple devices are completed with high class security. That is for your device’s and your personal thing’s protection. With this DNS iCloud bypass method you can unlock your device permanent and sign in like a new member. If you want to bypass your device you have to follow us. We can teach you how to unlock iCloud locked apple device.

Unlock iCloud lock DNS steps.

If you hold now iCloud locked device you can see “activate iPhone” on screen. Now start the processing. Click the home button and go to Wi-Fi settings. After that connect with Wi-Fi symbols. Now you can change your DNS code. Follow these codes compatible with your from.

  • If you from USA/North America, type in
  • If you from Europe, type in
  • If from Asia, type in
  • In rest of the world, type in
  1. Type new DNS code in Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Now tap on back and just click done.
  3. After that tap on activation help.
  4. Now you in my server.

Now you can connect directly with iCloud backup. If you want to unlock iCloud lock completely follow these steps forward.

  1. Tap on menu
  2. Go to the application
  3. Now choose application
  4. Now tap on Crash.  With this action, your iPhone will respiring to the home screen, anywhere you can see Apple logo
  5. Select your language and country
  6. Now tap home button and just go to the more wifi settings
  7. Tap on I and after that HTTP PROXY
  8. Clear the address bar and tap on the glob on the key board
  9. Type anything in 15 to 30 corrects and get to the back
  10. Now your job is finish

Finally you are in your iPhone’s settings. So now you can do anything forward. You can use that like new device. Thank you for connected with us.

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