Real DNS icloud bypass 2017 iOS 10.2.2 and iOS 10.3

Full DNS icloud bypass Activation again started to bypass the lock solution is not dangerous for iPhone users all who wish to use their smartphone.  IOS 10.2.2 bypass iCloud service is enabled on the active Lock locked and iOS 10.3 is not all fun. Sometimes you forget your passcode and you may not be related to the use of the gadget online reseller for you. You are stuck in a lot of reasons iPhone 6 / 6S /6plus/ 7 and 7 plus Plus, iPad, iPad 2 allow you to bypass iCloud on one solution to cool iPad 3 and all iPod Touch models has a special server to connect your device. Ukraine developer to stop completely locked users in July Ighor DNS server allows anyone to use. This solution is better because of the speed of the device (SiriProxy server like) DNS system is used.

iCloud DNS bypass

DNS icloud bypass
DNS icloud bypass

How to DNS icloud bypass iOS 10.2.2 and iOS 10.3

Now that you use a custom DNS server and in some weeks iOS 10.2.2 DNS icloud bypass can go to avoid. This solution forever but e-mail can achieve the objectives and allow the device to connect to the previous owners. This will allow you to use the device and the active locked iOS 10.2.2 icloud bypass activation lock Stanfield and watch movies YouTube Play games or activities have much to explore with the bypass system.

Correct steps for activate icloud lock on your locked device

  1. Your Apple Mobile Phone device and turn on the Wi-Fi for you to set and hold in iCloud and home button.
  2. Now you DNS bypass iCloud lock blocks want to change the DNS address here is how.
  3. Go to your Apple device home button and then press the Wifi settings.
  4. I will show nearby Tap your WiFi network.
  5. Do not forget to tap on the network and the network and simply forgotten.
  6. Now click on the button you start over at home successfully Wifi network password, and your Apple Mobile Phones Mobile Phone Accessories will.
  7. Now select your language.
  8. Then just select your region.
  9. Then again your list of the Wi-Fi network, and again I will click on your nearby Wi-Fi network.
  10. Then simply set DNS address.
  11. You United States / North America, in type names
  12. If you are in Europe, type
  13. Asia, type in names
  14. In the rest of the world, type

Most actual method for iOS 10.2.2 icloud bypass

Note: In case you cannot connect to the server to reboot multiple times. If it does not solve the problem reboot your internet provider means that you do not allow the custom DNS servers. In this case iCloud DNS server graphical bypass icloud download and install to your PC.

DNS icloud bypass method is very usual and actual bypass icloud method for iOS 10.2.2 and upcoming iOS 10.3 with any device. To facilitate easier and more comfortable experience, you may be on your menu so the conversation at the same time it can get a lot of foreign languages.

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