Activate your iPhone using DNS iCloud bypass method

This is not about doulCi iCloud bypass activation. That is fake and not suitable for apple devices. Here we are going to introduce new iCloud activation method now. This method is working well with any type of apple devices and iOS firmware versions. You can unlock iCloud lock very easily and fast. If you lost your apple ID or password and your device is now under iCloud locked? This is not biggest matter anymore. Try now this DNS bypass method with your locked device. You can bring out your personal or you want data in iCloud store with this tool. Try it after the watch out step by step guide here we given.

Download DNS iCloud bypass tool

iCloud bypass
iCloud bypass

Why did you DNS iCloud bypass your device?

  1. First one is you haven’t do anything for backup your iCloud store without DNS bypassing.
  2. This tool is free of charges from developers directly.
  3. DNS bypassing method is used lot of community for unlock their devices and they were successes.
  4. In the during DNS server changing you device is under secure with this tool.
  5. Supports all of iPhones, iPads and other apple devices.

Now you can see how to iCloud bypass with this video guide

  1. Earliest modify the DNS server inside your WIFI settings as109.17.60 or apply other IP address
  2. Now get your locked iDevice and shift to the previous activation step and select the ‘Activation Help’ alternative that is going away to boot you from side to side the rite site.
  3. Shift over the ‘Applications’ alternative and tap the ‘Crash Test 1’. This be going to reprising your matter.
  4. If you don’t know do this use out video guide. You can do this iCloud bypass process step by step using it completely.

After the iCloud bypass activation

If you have to success you can bring your data in device. Other than is sometimes you will unsuccessful you can try one more time. Because lot of apple devices users are bypassed iCloud lock using this method. So you can try one more time with carefully. you can try this lot of times because DNS iCloud bypass tool is completely free from developers

iCloud activation on iOS 9.2.1 using DNS iCloud activation method

Try this with all of type apple devices. This method will support to you for bring out your personal of important data in your iCloud locked apple device. Currently latest iOS version is iOS 9.2.1. so this method will suitable with latest iOS version. This important thing is sometimes you will unsuccessful with iCloud activation with this method. That is normal. This method is sometimes going to unsuccessful. But you can try again and again. If you try this iCloud bypass method lot of times you haven’t pay any money for this. DNS iCloud activation method is fully free for all of apple devices users. You can try this with our steps guiding and video guiding now.

Download DNS iCloud bypass tool

iCloud activation
iCloud activation

How to use DNS iCloud activation method

You can see this video guide for know about how to use DNS iCloud bypass method practically. Sometimes you will doesn’t happy with this video guide. If you cannot bypass iCloud with this small step guiding video you can log on out main web site. We were written that page with carefully. Using that anyone can unlock iCloud lock on any device.

Compatible devices with DNS iCloud activation

  •  iPhone 6
  •  iPhone 6 plus
  •  iPhone 5
  •  iPhone 5s
  •  iPhone 5c
  •  iPhone 4
  •  iPhone 4s
  •  iPad 2
  •  iPad 3
  •  iPad 4
  •  iPod 5g

Benefits of this iCloud activation method

  • This method is fully free from developers. So any apple user can unlock iCloud lock free using this.
  • You can backup your personal or important data in your locked apple device without apple ID or password.
  • Other one is this is not illegally way to hack other person’s apple devices. This is completely legally method for stocked apple parsons.
  • DNS iCloud bypass process is very easily process to any kind of peoples. You can know easily how to works this method practically.

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DNS iCloud bypass activation lock

This is a most wanted topic in this period. Because a lot of apple device users are finding the method for iCloud bypass. The reason for that they has iCloud locked devices.  We heard a lot of news about iCloud bypassing. But we didn’t find success full methods among those methods. Finally we was tried this DNS iCloud activation method. We has some successfully thing after the using that. The DNS bypassing method is compatible with iCloud locked devices. We can issue this method for all of iCloud locked devices holders. If you want to unlock activation lock on your device you can try this without any payment.  We can guide you to unlock your mobile or any other apple device. You can use this method with all of iOS version and below iOS devices.

iCloud bypass
iCloud bypass

This device will supports with iCloud bypass DNS

  • iPhones : iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • iPad mini, retina iPad mini, iPad mini 3
  • 5thGeneration iPod touch, 6th Generation iPod touch

How to iCloud bypass using DNS method

If DNS server not works for your device even after reboot, it means that your Internet provider block custom DNS servers. To solve this problem was developed Local DNS server that allows you to solve all problems. Also using Local DNS server there is no need to add additional DNS server to reach other websites.

DNS iCloud bypass tool download

If you want to know clearly about DNS bypass iCloud lock you can read this forward. We can say surely you will be became a happy with this method. Because a lot of peoples used this method and they was became unlock iCloud lock on their device. So you can trust this software. This software is supply from developers without any payment. This is a free service for all of apple users.

Follow iCloud bypass step guide video

You can download DNS bypass software using out direct download links. Later that watches this video carefully. You can see how to do this processing in beginning.

How to unlock iCloud lock via DNS bypassing

iCloud is very important for apple users. Because they can store their personal or other documents, photos, music and many other data. Apple developers are made iCloud server for make superb service for their consumers. Any apple person can be uploading their data and store carefully with good security. Because any one cannot unlock iCloud lock without user’s apple ID. So we can think our data is carefully with iCloud. Peoples are paying more money and choose apple device among the other devices. This is the secret of apple device’s popularity. All apple users have some space in iCloud server. If you don’t happy with your iCloud space you can make large your space after the paying money.

Download iCloud DNS bypass tool free

Unlock iCloud lock
Unlock iCloud lock

Why did you unlock iCloud lock on your device?

Sometimes peoples are forgetting their apple ID and password. At that moment you have to bypass iCloud lock. Therefore continue your device forward. Without apple ID and password you cannot start your device. Because apple devices are completed with high class security. That is for your device’s and your personal thing’s protection. With this DNS iCloud bypass method you can unlock your device permanent and sign in like a new member. If you want to bypass your device you have to follow us. We can teach you how to unlock iCloud locked apple device.

Unlock iCloud lock DNS steps.

If you hold now iCloud locked device you can see “activate iPhone” on screen. Now start the processing. Click the home button and go to Wi-Fi settings. After that connect with Wi-Fi symbols. Now you can change your DNS code. Follow these codes compatible with your from.

  • If you from USA/North America, type in
  • If you from Europe, type in
  • If from Asia, type in
  • In rest of the world, type in
  1. Type new DNS code in Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Now tap on back and just click done.
  3. After that tap on activation help.
  4. Now you in my server.

Now you can connect directly with iCloud backup. If you want to unlock iCloud lock completely follow these steps forward.

  1. Tap on menu
  2. Go to the application
  3. Now choose application
  4. Now tap on Crash.  With this action, your iPhone will respiring to the home screen, anywhere you can see Apple logo
  5. Select your language and country
  6. Now tap home button and just go to the more wifi settings
  7. Tap on I and after that HTTP PROXY
  8. Clear the address bar and tap on the glob on the key board
  9. Type anything in 15 to 30 corrects and get to the back
  10. Now your job is finish

Finally you are in your iPhone’s settings. So now you can do anything forward. You can use that like new device. Thank you for connected with us.

iOS 9.1 iCloud

iCloud is important you and your apple device. You can update any type document to iCloud on any ware. Pictures, music, videos and many other things. store that files using iCloud on very safety. Other than is you can share music, photos, videos and many type of documents using this feature among your family. iCloud is present to you find my iPhone feature. So this option was help full for find your iPhone’s current location login with iCloud. We can see more options with iOS 9.1 iCloud release. This iCloud was collecting the big valuable with you apple device. This feature was helped directly for apple’s popularity.

iOS 9.1 iCloud
iOS 9.1 iCloud

iOS 9.1 iCloud drive

Using iCloud drive, you can store all of your personal or important data in iCloud drive. This feature is accepting your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or even PC. You want this before the jailbreak or re condition devices and emergency moment. If you want to backup your data in that moments, you can do that instant now with iOS 9.1 iCloud.

Store planes with iOS 9.1 iCloud.

Beginning the apple device using you can use 5GB space on iCloud server. If you want to more space to continue your doings. But you want to pay for apple company. Planes is we given billow.

  • 5 GB – Free
  • 50 GB – $0.99 per month
  • 200 GB – $ 2.99 per month
  • 1 TB – $ 9.99 per month

iOS 9.1 iCloud bypass possibility.

A lot of apple users are still finding method foe iCloud bypass. Other than is lot of web site developers are guide wrong ways for their profits. But you have to know iCloud bypass is impossible. Some times you will see iCloud bypass methods in inter net. But anyone not released tool for latest iOS 9 iCloud bypass. Jailbreak developers are released tool for every iOS firmware version. But why did they not released iCloud bypass tool. Because iCloud bypass is impossible ever. So don’t follow cheaters.