iCloud bypass

Activate your iPhone using DNS iCloud bypass method

This is not about doulCi iCloud bypass activation. That is fake and not suitable for apple devices. Here we are going to introduce new iCloud activation method now. This method is working well with any type of apple devices and iOS firmware versions. You can unlock iCloud lock very easily and fast. If you lost your apple ID or password and your device is now under iCloud locked? This is not biggest matter anymore. Try now this DNS bypass method with your locked device. You can bring out your personal or you want data in iCloud store with this tool. Try it after the watch out step by step guide here we given.

Download DNS iCloud bypass tool

iCloud bypass
iCloud bypass

Why did you DNS iCloud bypass your device?

  1. First one is you haven’t do anything for backup your iCloud store without DNS bypassing.
  2. This tool is free of charges from developers directly.
  3. DNS bypassing method is used lot of community for unlock their devices and they were successes.
  4. In the during DNS server changing you device is under secure with this tool.
  5. Supports all of iPhones, iPads and other apple devices.

Now you can see how to iCloud bypass with this video guide

  1. Earliest modify the DNS server inside your WIFI settings as109.17.60 or apply other IP address
  2. Now get your locked iDevice and shift to the previous activation step and select the ‘Activation Help’ alternative that is going away to boot you from side to side the rite site.
  3. Shift over the ‘Applications’ alternative and tap the ‘Crash Test 1’. This be going to reprising your matter.
  4. If you don’t know do this use out video guide. You can do this iCloud bypass process step by step using it completely.

After the iCloud bypass activation

If you have to success you can bring your data in device. Other than is sometimes you will unsuccessful you can try one more time. Because lot of apple devices users are bypassed iCloud lock using this method. So you can try one more time with carefully. you can try this lot of times because DNS iCloud bypass tool is completely free from developers

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