iOS 9.1 iCloud

iCloud is important you and your apple device. You can update any type document to iCloud on any ware. Pictures, music, videos and many other things. store that files using iCloud on very safety. Other than is you can share music, photos, videos and many type of documents using this feature among your family. iCloud is present to you find my iPhone feature. So this option was help full for find your iPhone’s current location login with iCloud. We can see more options with iOS 9.1 iCloud release. This iCloud was collecting the big valuable with you apple device. This feature was helped directly for apple’s popularity.

iOS 9.1 iCloud
iOS 9.1 iCloud

iOS 9.1 iCloud drive

Using iCloud drive, you can store all of your personal or important data in iCloud drive. This feature is accepting your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or even PC. You want this before the jailbreak or re condition devices and emergency moment. If you want to backup your data in that moments, you can do that instant now with iOS 9.1 iCloud.

Store planes with iOS 9.1 iCloud.

Beginning the apple device using you can use 5GB space on iCloud server. If you want to more space to continue your doings. But you want to pay for apple company. Planes is we given billow.

  • 5 GB – Free
  • 50 GB – $0.99 per month
  • 200 GB – $ 2.99 per month
  • 1 TB – $ 9.99 per month

iOS 9.1 iCloud bypass possibility.

A lot of apple users are still finding method foe iCloud bypass. Other than is lot of web site developers are guide wrong ways for their profits. But you have to know iCloud bypass is impossible. Some times you will see iCloud bypass methods in inter net. But anyone not released tool for latest iOS 9 iCloud bypass. Jailbreak developers are released tool for every iOS firmware version. But why did they not released iCloud bypass tool. Because iCloud bypass is impossible ever. So don’t follow cheaters.

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